Network login accounts, email accounts, shared areas, computer software, hardware and infrastructure, Microsoft Office, telephones and Voicemail.

ICT Fault Reporting, ICT Call Logger.

Internet and Email Filtering, Easylink, Webmail, Anti-virus.

Whiteboard, Projector, Wireless Laptop Trolley, CD Re-Writers, Scanning, Asus EEE PC: Guidelines for use.

Using Conway Theatre.

Network Inductions, Student Logins, ILT Staff Development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about computer equipment, procedures and systems including;

Where can I find standardised Teaching & Learning documentation?, How do I report a PC or printer fault?, How do I set up (or remove) a laptop and projector?, How do I set up a PC and projector?, How do I book the laptop trolley?, How do I use the ceiling mounted projector and whiteboard in a classroom?, How do I attach a DVD or Video player to a ceiling mounted projector?, Is there a scanner I can use?, Where can I use a colour printer?, How do I request new or specific software (not currently available in college)?, What software is available for home use?, How can I copy audio cassettes or VHS Video tapes?, How can I copy CD's?, How can I copy video to DVD?, How do I set up voicemail (telephone answerphone facility), How to I remove voicemail from my telephone?, How can I access my college network files from home?, How can I access my college E-mail from home?, How do I get information on the Intranet?, I've noticed some incorrect information or a dead web link, who do I contact?