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The Equality Act - Public Sector Duty 

What equality law means for you as an education provider - Further and Higher Education

Wirral Metropolitan College Equality Information

LGBT Information
LGBT Training

Empower LGBT Toolkit

Trans Equality in Post-16 Education

Gypsies and Travellers: Simple solutions for living together

Protected Characteristics

Age Equality

Disability Equality

Gender Equality

Race Equality

Religion and Belief Equality

Sexual Orientation Equality

Transgender Equality

Equality & Diversity Objective 2012 (Staff)

Equality & Diversity Requirements of the Common Inspection Framework

Equality and Diversity in Self Assessment

Embedding E&D in the Curriculum
Building Equality in to the Curriculum 1

Safe from Bullying in Further Education Colleges

Safe from Bullying Training Resources

Young People - Know Your Rights

Building Equality into the Curriculum 2

Equality and Diversity in Lesson Observations

Equality and Diversity Induction and Learning Resources

Teaching and Learning Activities
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National Campaigns

Scope - 'End the Awkward'

E&D in the News

E&D in our curriculum 

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E&D in FE: The impact on you - Online Training

  • Module 1 - Self Assessment - Starting Out 
  • Module 2 - The Equality Act 2010
  • Module 3 - Corporate responsibilities, context and policies
  • Module 4 - Tackling discrimination
  • Module 5 - Summative Self Assessment